House Regulations of Oy Vaasan Asumisoikeus

These house regulations have been drawn up in order to ensure all the residents' comfort. The residents and their guests must be considerate towards all the other residents of the house. Thus, the residents must take care that their guests also follow these regulations. The residents also have obligations stated in the right-of-occupancy contract, the city regulations as well as the Finnish law and general regulations.

Common areas

The outer doors are locked between 9 PM and 6 AM. When the doors are locked, you must ensure that they close and lock properly when you go through them. The same also applies to the doors of the storage rooms, saunas, laundry rooms and other doors in the common areas. 

Avoid making loud noises in the common areas. Smoking is not allowed, and neither is unnecessary loitering. The common areas both indoors and outdoors must be used in a neat and orderly way. Those who use the common laundry, drying and sauna rooms must tidy up after themselves. The use of the rooms is by reservation with a reservation list, and cancellations must also be marked on the list. 

For fire safety reasons, goods may only be stored in the places reserved for storage. Fire hazardous materials must be stored according to fire safety regulations.

If you notice defects in the building, notify the owner company's representative.


Neighbours must not be disturbed by what you do in your apartment. Making noise must be avoided especially between 10 PM and 6 AM. The apartments must be well cared for. The residents are liable to notify the building's owner of water leaks and any other defects they notice in the apartment. Do not put anything, such as waste or other materials, into the WC or the other drains that could block or damage the drains. Do not air your apartment by opening the door to the staircase. Alteration work must not be done to the apartment without an advance permission from the owner of the property.

Waste disposal

Household waste and other rubbish must always be taken to the waste bins, packed appropriately. Moreover, the waste recycling regulations must be followed. Everyone benefits when usable items are recycled and waste materials are sorted appropriately. The resident is responsible for arranging the transport of toxic and dangerous waste, such as batteries, as well as furniture items and other large pieces of rubbish.


Pets must be kept on a leash outside the apartment. They must not disturb the house residents nor foul the building or the grounds. Animals must not be walked in children's play areas or their immediate vicinity. Animals must not be fed on the balconies or the property`s grounds.

Trampolines and children`s play

Children should only play in the play areas meant for the purpose. Parking areas, the terraces of other residents and common areas such as staircases are not play areas. Playing football (soccer) is not allowed on the property`s grounds. 

The property`s grounds and the common play areas are meant for all the residents. For safety reasons, the residents do not have the right to put up a trampoline on the common area. Trampolines and other such private play equipment have less exacting safety and structural requirements than playground equipment meant for common use. 


Vehicles may only be parked in the areas reserved for parking. Idling of motor vehicles is not allowed.

A housing company may pay a private operator to monitor the building`s grounds for parking violations. These operators have the right to issue parking tickets and collect the fines from those who have parked their vehicles illegally.


Rugs must not be dusted on balconies. Airing of clothes and linens and line-drying the laundry may only be done within the railings. Balconies must be cleaned so that water does not drip or any rubbish fall down. 

Grilling, barbecues

Open fires may not be made and food must not be cooked using charcoal or gas grills on balconies or terraces. However, an electric grill may be used in a considerate manner. While grilling (whether on the balcony or in the garden) you must remember not to disturb anyone with smells, smoke or noise. 


To install any extra antennae, such as a dish-reflector antenna, the property owner`s permission must be asked first.

Notification of moving

When someone moves into or out of an apartment, the company`s representative must always be notified.

Breaking of regulations

If these house regulations are broken, the breaker may be liable for damages and it may lead to termination of their right-of-occupancy contract.