Giving up the occupancy right

The notice of terminating the right of occupancy must always be given in writing to Oy Vaasan Asumisoikeus. The right is terminated three months after the notice has been received by the owner of the building. The holder is liable to pay the monthly residence charge until the right of occupancy is transferred either to a new holder or to the owner of the building.

You can give the notice of terminating the right of occupancy either by signing the termination notice at our office or by filling the linked termination notice carefully and delivering it to us either by bringing it in person or sending it by post or fax. Termination notices are not received via e-mail, unless the termination notice has been scanned and attached to the e-mail as a file attachment. You can also give a free-form termination notice, but its contents must correspond to the linked termination notice form, and it must be delivered to us in writing and signed, in one of the ways described above.

Please note that all who are holders of the right of occupancy must sign the termination notice. Please also remember to include your contact information in the termination notice.

During the period of terminating the right of occupancy, the owner of the building has the right to show your apartment to other customers. The dates and times of showings will be agreed with the holders of occupancy rights.

When a holder of occupancy rights moves out of an apartment, he must clean the apartment well and return all the apartment keys to the owner. If the owner must get the apartment cleaned or replace the locks because keys are missing, the holder of occupancy rights will be invoiced for these procedures.

The original right-of-occupancy contract and the apartment keys must be returned to the owner of the building before the right-of-occupancy payment is returned. If the right-of-occupancy contract is held by a bank, the owner of the house will arrange the returning of the contract with the bank after the customer has notified the bank of the termination.